Ephemeral in a sentence

10 example sentences for Ephemeral

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Ephemeral - Definition

ยป  anything short-lived, doesn't last long

Use Ephemeral in a sentence

  • An ephemeral stay in the waiting room was a nice treat compared to my usual long waits.

  • Because of her ephemeral memory, she forgets things all the time!

  • The thunderstorm was ephemeral, starting suddenly and gone within seconds.

  • Did you know that bees have an ephemeral 5 week lifespan?

  • Because the circus is in town for an ephemeral amount of time, you better go there soon before it is too late.

  • I had an ephemeral summer vacation this year thanks to summer classes.

  • Riley's enthusiasm for playing the piano was ephemeral and not everlasting.

  • While we were waiting in the drive-thru, we sang for our ephemeral amusement.

  • Fame can come and go like an ephemeral dream.

  • Because his celebrity did not last forever, it was ephemeral fame.

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Ephemeral Synonyms

short-lived, momentary, temporary, passing, transient

Ephemeral Antonyms

permanent, long-lasting, continual, ever-lasting, perennial

Related Forms

ephemerally (adverb), ephemeralness (noun)

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