Test Your Vocabulary – Quiz #2


The panacea for

Panacea means remedy or cure-all.

Unfortunately there is no panacea that will make cancer instantly vanish from your body.

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The frenetic crowd

Frenetic means worked up; fast, frantic, harried, or frenzied.

After the concert, the frenetic crowd surged through the exit doors and began to dance in the street.

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The teenager's pallid complexion

Pallid means pale skin or lacking in interest.

His pallid complexion is a definite indication that he spends all his time indoors.

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Her ephemeral memory

Ephemeral means temporary.

Because of her ephemeral memory, she forgets things all the time!

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An inexorable event

Inexorable means unavoidable or unstoppable.

The changing of the seasons is an inexorable event because there is nothing you can do to stop one season from leading into another.

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The bane of productivity

Bane means destroyer or something causing great distress.

Distraction is the bane of productivity when I’m trying to get anything done.

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A docile creature

Docile means manageable; obedient.

Although the lion appears docile during the circus acts, he is really a fierce animal when uncontrolled by a trainer.

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She tried to mollify him

Mollify means to soothe in temper or disposition.

When the baby started to cry, his mother tried to mollify him with a bottle of milk.

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Taylor had become very gaunt

Gaunt means extremely skinny.

Because Taylor had become very gaunt as a result of having cancer, he found it difficult to find clothes to fit his small frame.

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The noisome smell

Noisome means foul or offensive.

EThe dog’s noisome odor is making me physically ill.

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