Test Your Vocabulary – Quiz #28


He is being accosted

Accosted means confronted.

The policemen asked Greg to describe the man who accosted him.

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I will ennoble the officer

Ennoble means honor.

The police commissioner will ennoble Officer Pantowski with a medal for service above and beyond the call of duty.

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He is experiencing accretion

Accretion means growth.

The gradual accretion of terror over many years left hundred dead and thousands wounded.

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She is filled with acrimony

Acrimony means hatred.

Her acrimony for her neighbors manifests itself with shouting and stomping.

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His euphoria is obvious

Euphoria means joy.

When she received her acceptance letter to Harvard, she was in a state of euphoria for weeks.

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We should be accomodating

Accommodating means helpful.

The accommodating hostess made sure everyone had enough to eat at the party.

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We made an accord

Accord is a agreement.

Because all the members were already in accord, the council decided to cancel the meeting.

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This will superadd my happiness

Superadd means add onto.

In the afternoon Sally’s soccer goal seemed to superadd to her good luck after she got a good grade on her difficult final exam that morning.

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Who condoned this hazard

Hazard is a danger.

Lead paint is an environmental hazard that can harm children.

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He is too credulous

Credulous means naive.

Because my brother is a credulous consumer, he is a salesperson’s dream.

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