Test Your Vocabulary – Quiz #30


The conditions are adverse

Adverse means unfavorable.

The commander doesn't want to launch the attack under these adverse conditions.

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You do not qualify for the award

Qualify means be eligible.

To qualify for the position, a candidate must have 2-4 years’ experience working in a business office.

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We must smite them

Smite means destroy.

We will need a plan of action to smite our enemies.

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We should adorn this place

Adorn means decorate.

Soft cream linens and plush pillows adorn the king size bed in the hotel’s master suite.

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Who will be the successor?

Successor means inheritor.

The manager’s successor was a blundering idiot who could not figure out how to use the fax machine.

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You should adumbrate it

Adumbrate means outline.

The artist chose colors to adumbrate the trees in the forest so they would seem mysterious and shadowy.

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Birds are aerial animals

Aerial means flying.

Marcus has dreams of one day being an aerial ace.

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He is an adroit man

Adroit means skilled.

Their rugby team consists of several adroit players.

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His adulation is unwarranted

Adulation means praise.

It is obvious that most of the billionaire’s adulation comes from people who are simply after his money.

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He is part of a patrician family

Patrician means wealthy.

As a member of the patrician class, the politician frequently associates with the country’s leaders.

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