Test Your Vocabulary – Quiz #31


He will not accept bribery

Bribery means shady payment.

Bribery took place when the political candidate offered to pay $10,000 a month so the man would not disclose the candidate’s crime to the public.

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He is poised and ready

Poised means confident.

Despite the chaos around her, the flight attendant remained poised and calm as she directed the passengers.

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They share an affinity

Affinity means connection.

The two young lovers claimed to share a special affinity with one another.

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Do not affront me

Affront means insult.

He seemed to take the comment as an affront to his pride.

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He will ramble for awhile

Ramble means talk aimlessly.

We try to avoid asking Tom a question, lest he ramble on for an hour.

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Dogs are affable animals

Affable means friendly.

Everyone likes to hang out with Jim because he is so affable.

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He has an aesthetic view

Aesthetic means artistic.

Julia has an eye for aesthetic design.

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We should aggregate them

Aggregate means sort.

The mobile game calls upon users to aggregate balls by color in order to save baby pandas.

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He doesn't know he is a cuckold

Cuckold means husband of an unfaithful wife.

Making her husband a cuckold, the woman refused to stop seeing her business partner on the side.

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The award is posthumous

Posthumous means after death.

The author received several impressive awards for her body of work; unfortunately, they were all posthumous.

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