Test Your Vocabulary – Quiz #5


Her malediction failed

Malediction is a curse.

As long as the king is under the wizard’s malediction, he will not recall his own identity.

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Heed my words

Heed means consider.

My sister is always in need of cash because she is unwilling to heed my financial advice.

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We can't endure another blow

Endure means survive.

Made from solid iron, the gate was sure to endure any bad weather.

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We cannot interpolate to this

Interpolate means add to.

Since the author would often interpolate the stories of others,the critics did not view him as a real writer.

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This will only beget more

Beget means cause.

High levels of unemployment often beget high levels of crime.

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Buy some stationery please

Stationery is writing paper.

Aunt Jenny was remembered for her quick wit and her beautiful letters written on her rose stationery.

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The plan may commence

Commence means begin.

Now that the groundbreaking ceremony has occurred, the building of the new hospital wing can commence.

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She will nurture him

Nurture means care for.

As a teacher, Mr. Jones attempts to nurture young minds.

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We must contend with them

Contend means compete.

After the call was made against his team, the coach tried to contend with the stubborn referee.

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It is a good proffer

Proffer is a offer.

The prosecutor’s proffer for the witness includes no jail time and witness protection for three years.

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