Abound in a Sentence

Definition of Abound

available in large quantity or number

Use Abound in a sentence

At the beginning of the school year, computer deals abound on the Internet.

Walking trails abound in the beautiful park in the middle of the city.

During spring break, bikini-clad girls abound on the beaches.

Local beers abound in the neighborhood pub that is rumored to have some of the best beverages in the world.

While recreational activities abound at the resort, I am unfortunately sidelined with a broken ankle.

In the celebrity crowd, it seems as though drunk driving incidents abound as food for tabloid journalists.

Tales abound of crooked contractors who steal money from trusting senior citizens.

In our small town, mysteries abound about the haunted house that sits on the hill.

Inside of the luxury apartment complex, tennis courts and swimming pools abound.

Since I love to try new foods, I hope food vendors will abound at the arts festival.

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