Heresy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Heresy

deviation from a widely held belief or practice

Examples of Heresy in a sentence

Heresy in our church has led to a huge disagreement between members of our congregation.  🔊

Years ago, heresy charges were brought upon any person who dared to disagree with church leaders.  🔊

Because the teacher’s educational strategies were different from those of her peers, her ideas were considered to be heresy.  🔊

Just because an idea is new does not mean it is heresy!  🔊

The country’s leader was a dictator whose political heresy saw no value in public opinion.  🔊

Although the religious novel made the bestseller’s list, it was criticized by many church authorities as a tribute to heresy.  🔊

Once upon a time, some women were falsely convicted as witches in trials against heresy.  🔊

At one time, the idea the Earth was round was believed to be heresy.  🔊

Because of his suspected heresy, the priest was kicked out of the church.  🔊

The strangely dressed man preached heresy while pretending to be one of God’s prophets.  🔊

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