Apprehensive in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Apprehensive

worried that something bad may happen; afraid

Examples of Apprehensive in a sentence

With recent job cuts, Kate is apprehensive about losing her job. 🔊

I am a bit apprehensive crossing the busy street.  🔊

Terry, a brave and willing man, is the least apprehensive of danger. 🔊

Apprehensive about the consequences of texting and driving, Jill turned her phone off.  🔊

The apprehensive parents kept their children indoors as neighborhood crime increased.  🔊

After a few swimming lessons, she was less apprehensive about swimming.  🔊

Mom is apprehensive of her son's life as he leaves for combat in Iraq.  🔊

Because I have a cold, I am apprehensive about singing tonight.  🔊

The couple is apprehensive about having a second baby in a bad economy.  🔊

With a fear of heights, she is apprehensive of flying.  🔊

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