Verbose in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Verbose

described as using an excessive amount of words

Examples of Verbose in a sentence

The verbose man took thirty minutes to give me a simple answer. 🔊

Since I do not enjoy reading long books, I avoid verbose authors who write tales that exceed five hundred pages in length. 🔊

The verbose speaker went well over his ten-minute limit. 🔊

Although the test answer required only four or five sentences, John wrote a verbose response that took up half the page. 🔊

My niece is a verbose teenager who talks nonstop about clothes and makeup. 🔊

Because Ann cannot focus for long periods of time, she finds it hard to listen to verbose speakers. 🔊

The time limitations of the debate ensure the speakers will not be too verbose in their responses. 🔊

As the verbose salesman went on and on about the features of the vehicle, I started to become sleepy. 🔊

The terms of the legal contract were quite verbose to the old man who was used to closing a deal with a handshake. 🔊

The verbose man at the bar talked about his miserable marriage for several hours. 🔊

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