Vainglorious in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Vainglorious

overly proud of one’s own achievements; tending to boast about personal accomplishments

Examples of Vainglorious in a sentence

1. The vainglorious trainer spent more time flexing his own muscles than he did helping build his client’s. 🔉

2. Giving a vainglorious speech, the self-important CEO went and on and on about how much he had done for the company. 🔉

3. Although he insisted he wasn’t bigheaded, most of Travis’s family saw his has boastfully vainglorious. 🔉

4. The vainglorious mayor cared not about the city but only about his person gains. 🔉

5. Because he loves to boast about all the wonderful things he has done, the vainglorious man’s coworkers run when the see him. 🔉

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