Addict in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Addict

someone that is obsessed with something to an extent where they suffer withdrawal without it

Examples of Addict in a sentence

My baby brother is a sugar addict, unable to go even two hours without consuming some sort of sweet to sate his obsession. 🔊

Some drugs are so powerful they can make you an addict even if you only take them one time, forcing you to take more later. 🔊

It is difficult to cure an addict of their addiction because they have come to rely on it so heavily that they cannot imagine life without it. 🔊

I hate to say that I am a reading addict, but I read at least one book every three days and I cannot stop no matter how hard I try.  🔊

I would hate to become an alcohol addict because it would force me to spend money buying an unnecessary expensive substance.  🔊

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