Automatic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Automatic

something that is automated, or acts of its own accord without conscious effort or input

Examples of Automatic in a sentence

A car with an automatic transmission will shift gears appropriately while driving, without any input from the driver themselves.  🔊

The automatic turret on the base tower will target any incoming vehicle or projectile of its own accord, without a gunner to control it.  🔊

An automatic assault rifle is called as such because you only have to pull the trigger once to fire a stream of bullets rather than pull it for each individual round.  🔊

Human reflex is almost completely automatic, the body dodging incoming objects without the person themselves having to think about it.  🔊

It is dangerous to jump scare people because some of them have an automatic reflex that involves punching people in the face.  🔊

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