Beseech in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Beseech

to ask someone for something in an urgent and sincere way

Examples of Beseech in a sentence

1. As soon as I reach the driving age, I will beseech my parents to buy me a car. 🔉

2. Because we were trying to sleep, my husband went out of his way to beseech our neighbor to turn down his loud music. 🔉

3. I beseech you to lower your weapon before the police officers shoot you! 🔉

4. As a former student who was bullied in school, I beseech all teachers to be aware of what occurs in their classrooms.  🔉

5. The walkway was filled with fans who sought to beseech the actor for his autograph. 🔉

6. Since you have chosen to beseech me for a favor, I want a favor in return. 🔉

7. Rather than be evicted for nonpayment of his rent, Gary planned to beseech his parents for a loan. 🔉

8. I beseech you to give me something to eat before I die of hunger. 🔉

9. If you want to avoid a misunderstanding, I beseech you to consider your words before speaking. 🔉

10. The toddler decided to beseech his mother until she gave him a cookie. 🔉

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