Clamp down in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Clamp down

to make the rules harsher

Examples of Clamp down in a sentence

Due to the extinction of many of the game animals, the local town council had to clamp down on the hunting rules by only allowing hunters to hunt in a few months of the year.  🔊

The parents did finally clamp down on their daughter by starting to punish her after she missed curfew four nights in a row.  🔊

The United States has had to clamp down on gun control with increasing the purchasing age due to the Parkland School shooting.  🔊

Our government has vowed to clamp down on immigration violations and severely punish those who are entering illegally.  🔊

By putting stricter classroom rules in place, the 4th-grade teacher was able to clamp down on some of the misbehaving students.  🔊

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