Elegantly in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Elegantly

to be done in a graceful and sophisticated way

Examples of Elegantly in a sentence

John elegantly navigated the crowded room, effortlessly dodging obstacles and greeting guests.  🔊

Samantha wore an elegantly designed gown to the formal event, drawing admiring glances from all around.  🔊

The dining room was elegantly decorated with fine china and crystal glasses, creating a luxurious atmosphere.  🔊

I admired the way Maria elegantly glided across the dance floor, moving with grace and poise.  🔊

The chef prepared the meal elegantly, arranging the food on the plate with artistic flair.  🔊

We were impressed by Alex's ability to elegantly solve complex mathematical equations in his head.  🔊

The company's website was elegantly designed, with clean lines and a user-friendly interface.  🔊

The architect's plans for the new building were elegantly simple, incorporating sustainable features and natural light.  🔊

The politician delivered his speech elegantly, using well-chosen words and confident body language.  🔊

The author's writing was elegantly crafted, with delicate descriptions and subtle humor.  🔊

The ballroom was decorated elegantly for the charity gala.  🔊

Emily wore an elegantly designed dress to the wedding.  🔊

John's manners were always elegantly polished.  🔊

The new building was designed elegantly, with clean lines and modern features.  🔊

Samantha moved elegantly across the dance floor.  🔊

Emily's handwriting was always elegantly flowing and neat.  🔊

The food at the fancy restaurant was presented elegantly on the plate.  🔊

John's garden was filled with elegantly arranged flowers and plants.  🔊

The antique vase was elegantly crafted with intricate details.  🔊

Emily's performance on the piano was elegantly executed and graceful.  🔊

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