Tachycardia in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tachycardia

a term used to describe abnormally fast heart rates

Examples of Tachycardia in a sentence

The doctor told him he had Tachycardia because his heart was beating much faster than most do, and he would need to be careful about getting too excited.  🔊

His heart rate was much higher than most average people, and the doctor diagnosed him as having Tachycardia.  🔊

Because the average heart rate for most people is sixty to one hundred beats a minute, someone whose heart beats one hundred and twenty beats a minute has Tachycardia.  🔊

Even though Tachycardia is not a disease, it is extremely dangerous for anyone to have a heart rate that is too high above the norm.  🔊

Tachycardia can be used to refer to any level of rapid heart rate that is beyond the norm, but generally speaking it is a condition that is not dangerous unless it is very high.  🔊

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