Conjecture in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Conjecture

an opinion or idea formed without proof or sufficient evidence

Examples of Conjecture in a sentence

Since the police have not given a statement yet, the reporter can only make a conjecture about the crisis.  🔊

Because the scientist had only conjecture to back up his untested theory, he doubted if the university would offer him any research funds.  🔊

Your argument is being ignored because it is basically nothing but conjecture!  🔊

For the most part, you are merely stating conjecture when you insist your team is going to win the football championship.  🔊

Why are you getting upset about something that is simply conjecture and has not been proven?  🔊

Until we hear from the mechanic, we can only view this car estimate as a conjecture of the actual price.  🔊

Let us disprove this scientific conjecture by conducting a laboratory experiment.  🔊

The jury rejected the attorney’s conjecture about the defendant’s motive because of a lack of evidence.  🔊

After doing additional research, the scientist admitted his conjecture about the chemical reaction was incorrect.  🔊

While I have never met the teenage singer, my conjecture about him is that he is a troubled young man with a bad attitude.  🔊

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