Mea Culpa in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Mea Culpa

an acknowledgement of having done wrong (my bad)

Examples of Mea Culpa in a sentence

1. The magazine issued a mea culpa after they cited an incorrect statistic. 🔉

2. After the scandal in the White House, the president made a mea culpa apologizing for his mistakes that was broadcasted live across all major media sources. 🔉

3. Even after the pop singer’s mea culpa for his public drunkenness and destruction of historic monuments, his fans found it hard to forgive him. 🔉

4. The governor’s formal mea culpa for stealing from state funding to buy a million dollar mansion was aired on major news channels. 🔉

5. If I wanted an allowance, I needed to issue a mea culpa to my parents for my disobedient behavior. 🔉

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