Emacity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Emacity

the compulsive love for and desire to obtain, purchase, or spend money on items

Examples of Emacity in a sentence

For Claudia, her emacity was an addiction that forced her to buy hundreds of dollars worth of items she did not need.  🔊

Every time there was a sale at her favorite clothing store, Miranda was struck with such emacity that she bought the same shirt in ten different colors.  🔊

The billionaire had an emacity that made him buy boats and cars on a whim just because he could.  🔊

Even though Briana only wanted one cupcake, she could not control her emacity and purchased one of each flavor.  🔊

She had such an emacity for shoes that she owned over a hundred pairs in all different styles and colors.  🔊

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