Epitaph in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Epitaph

a brief literary piece written about the life of a dead person and often placed on that individual’s headstone

Examples of Epitaph in a sentence

The slave’s epitaph stated his name but made no mention of his date of birth or death.  🔊

When I am buried, I want the epitaph on my headstone to read, “Wife, Mother, and Friend.”  🔊

Police are looking for the person or persons who vandalized the former president’s epitaph by covering the gravestone with pig’s blood.  🔊

Because Jim wants the epitaph on his grave to be memorable, he wants to do something to change the world while he is alive.  🔊

The epitaph on Roger’s headstone is blank because his wife could think of nothing nice to say about him.  🔊

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