Flout in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Flout

to intentionally disobey (a law, rule, convention)

Examples of Flout in a sentence

People find themselves in trouble because they think they’re clever enough to flout the law without getting caught. 🔊

Once you flout the regulations of the IRS, you will likely spend a long time trying to get out of the hole you dug for yourself.  🔊

If you’re a person who likes to flout authority, you could land in jail, but you could also end up being very successful. 🔊

Safety guidelines exist for a reason, and if you flout them, there could be serious consequences.  🔊

Constance decided to flout her family’s tradition of following a medical profession and became a best-selling romance writer instead.  🔊

Many people believe that there should be a crackdown on the people who flout the welfare system.  🔊

Many Amber Alerts involve children whose parents have decided to flout the orders of divorce court and abduct their own children.  🔊

Because Marcy is someone who likes to flout convention, she went to church last Sunday wearing a sequined cocktail dress.  🔊

Some of these daredevils who flout danger for a living are most likely adrenaline junkies.  🔊

Beatrice decided to flout the warnings of the fortune teller and leave the country anyway.  🔊

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