Flummery in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Flummery

kind words that were said without really meaning them

Examples of Flummery in a sentence

The teacher never took the teenager’s flummery as sincere since the teen usually said whatever words would get what she wanted.  🔊

When the parent required her 10-year old to say something nice to the mean neighbor, the child simply uttered a flummery to appease her parent.  🔊

As the spoiled girl looked in the window, she stated a flummery to her mother in order for her mother to buy her the doll.  🔊

I hated to hear the flummery from my sister who only would say something nice to me just to get me to do a favor for her.  🔊

“Flummery won’t get you anywhere,” the adult stated to the charming man, “because you have to mean what you say.”  🔊

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