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Examples of Intently in a sentence

If I want to understand the entire concept, I must focus intently on my professor's lecture. 🔊

The jurors listened intently to the defendant’s testimony.  🔊

As Jake played the difficult videogame, he stared intently at the television screen. 🔊

The detectives looked intently at the evidence photos and hoped the pictures would lead them to the killer.  🔊

In order to hear the quiet woman's order, the waiter had to listen intently.  🔊

The hungry dog stared intently as its owner poured food into its bowl.  🔊

From the front porch, the cat stared intently at the bird perched on the fence.  🔊

The psychiatrist intently studied his patient’s face for signs of distress or anxiety.  🔊

As Ben waited for Rachel to respond to his marriage proposal, he stared intently into her eyes.  🔊

The judge listened intently to the case before making his ruling.  🔊

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