Macroeconomics in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Macroeconomics

a division in economics which focuses on the larger aspects of economics of money comparing it to the entire nation or world

Examples of Macroeconomics in a sentence

When the state’s government analyzes their budget, they use macroeconomics to determine how their budget will influence the country’s budget.  🔊

As World War II hindered the lack of food in the country, macroeconomics would influence this event since it affected many government departments.  🔊

Macroeconomics plays a part in which inflation has caused the decrease in the value of the dollar throughout the years.  🔊

Many articles were written pertaining to macroeconomics showing the imports and exports of goods affecting the economy in the United States.  🔊

After researching through macroeconomics, it was determined that the strong educational requirements of U.S. citizens would result in an increase in salaries throughout the country.  🔊

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