Phosphorous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Phosphorous

a reactive natural substance that is both necessary for life but also toxic in large amounts

Examples of Phosphorous in a sentence

Farmers were very careful when selecting a fertilizer for their crops since some of them contained an abundance of phosphorous.  🔊

The nutritionist suggested that her client increase phosphorous in her diet by eating more salmon and pumpkin seeds.  🔊

Tests were run to determine if excessive phosphorous in Sally’s system coupled with her kidney disease was the cause of her prolonged upset stomach.  🔊

Consulting a nephrologist was the first recommendation by Karen’s doctor since her low level of phosphorous was the problem with her kidneys.  🔊

Foods containing large amounts of phosphorous need to be consumed in moderation since too much of it will counteract the vitamins and minerals in someone’s system.  🔊

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