Preponderance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Preponderance

a larger figure or amount

Examples of Preponderance in a sentence

With such a preponderance of evidence, the jury will most likely find the defendant guilty.  🔊

The preponderance of medical research links the genetic mutation to the disorder.  🔊

Without a preponderance of evidence, the detective will not be able to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s residence.  🔊

The preponderance of unemployed workers is linked to the manufacturer’s desire to cut costs by sending jobs overseas.  🔊

When the district attorney could not give the grand jury a preponderance of evidence, he did not receive the indictment.  🔊

The restaurant ran out of food because it was not prepared for such a preponderance of customers on opening day.  🔊

Based on the preponderance of witness testimony, the principal had no choice but to suspend the student for bullying his peers.  🔊

The preponderance of information collected by the government suggests there is no immediate threat to the country.  🔊

Unfortunately the preponderance of medical tests identifies your medical condition as terminal cancer.  🔊

The preponderance of customer complaints about the discount store caused the corporate office to perform a review of the location.  🔊

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