Tenterhook in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tenterhook

a hook used to fasten cloth to a drying frame

Examples of Tenterhook in a sentence

Any hook that you use to hang up wet clothes to air dry can be identified as a tenterhook, though this method is rarely used anymore.  🔊

Now that we have washing machines and dryers, the need for tenterhooks to hang wet clothes outside has been drastically reduced.  🔊

In the old days, clothes had to be dried by hanging them outside, and they were usually hung on wires with tenterhooks.  🔊

The best way to air dry wet clothes is to hang them outside on some sort of frame with a few tenterhooks.  🔊

A tenterhook is used to attach wet clothes to a drying frame so they can be air dried outside, though the process is a slow one.  🔊

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