Truncate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Truncate

to reduce the length of an item by clipping it

Examples of Truncate in a sentence

Although the director loved all of his film footage, he had to truncate the movie so its runtime would be less than forty-five minutes. 🔊

Jill had to truncate her presentation so it would not exceed five minutes. 🔊

Because twitter has a character limit, I had to truncate my post so it would meet length requirements. 🔊

Bill will truncate the huge Christmas tree so it will fit in our small living room. 🔊

Since the contest limited the manuscript to seventy pages, the playwright had no choice but to truncate his play by deleting scenes. 🔊

The magazine editor decided to truncate the article so it would fit on one page instead of two. 🔊

When Kate has to send a hurried text message, she will truncate her words to save time. 🔊

Can you believe my husband chose to truncate my rant by hanging up on me? 🔊

Because of time restrictions, the guest reader will truncate the story by skipping a few pages in the book. 🔊

To save time when completing the math test, students are asked to truncate all numbers that have repeating digits after the decimal point. 🔊

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