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Definition of Abysmal

very bad

Examples of Abysmal in a sentence

Since Troy did not study for the test, he earned an abysmal score on the exam.

The movie’s plot was so abysmal the critic left the theater after five minutes.

Because Cathy has no artistic skill whatsoever, her sculpture is abysmal.

Jimmy cannot go to the party because of his abysmal behavior.

Although I enjoyed the food at the restaurant, I found no pleasure in the abysmal service I received.

There are millions of unemployed people in this abysmal job market.

When the governor takes office, he has promised to reform the state’s abysmal educational system.

Wendell was fired because of his abysmal job performance.

Because our basketball team has an abysmal record, it is considered to be one of the worst teams in the league.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is so abysmal I plan on staying indoors all day.

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