Dote in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dote

to be excessively fond of

Examples of Dote in a sentence

My grandmother loves to dote on her grandchildren and sends us many gifts.  🔊

When my father was wooing my mother, he would dote on her by writing her love poems.  🔊

Our teacher was unfairly showing attention to certain students when she would dote on them in class.  🔊

We were looking for a babysitter who would dote on our children as much as we would.  🔊

I would dote on my girlfriend by catering to her every whim.  🔊

The media seems to dote on Jennifer Lopez an awful lot.  🔊

We dote on our dog; he's like our little baby.  🔊

All the veterinarians who work there dote on your animals as if they were their own.  🔊

Professor Beverly is a sweet grandmother type who will love and dote on students who participate in class.  🔊

My grandfather would dote on his grandchildren and would never fail to see them every Christmas.  🔊

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