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Definition of Bereft


Examples of Bereft in a sentence

When my husband died, I felt bereft of love and hope.

The car accident left Jeremiah bereft of the ability to move because of a spinal cord injury.

After learning she had won the lottery, Betty was bereft of speech.

The bereft parents felt hopeless when they learned of their daughter’s death.

Because David’s previous lawyer had lied to him about his chances of going free, he was bereft of confidence in his new lawyer.

All alone on the deserted island, the man felt completely bereft of hope.

Although Charles was bereft of his rights to physically see his children, he was still allowed to communicate with them on the telephone.

Since all the curtains were closed, the living room was bereft of sunlight.

The plant died because it was bereft of water.

Even though I was bereft of the money from my inheritance, I was still able to collect enough funds to open my restaurant.

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