Propensity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Propensity

a natural inclination or tendency

Examples of Propensity in a sentence

My mother has a propensity to drink when she gets anxious.  🔊

Although Jason is smart enough to do well in college, his propensity for partying may interfere with his grades.  🔊

When reading the story, the first element one notices is the writer’s propensity to describe the setting in vivid details.  🔊

Jill’s propensity to lie is going to get her into trouble one of these days.  🔊

My mother-in-law can not get over her propensity to interfere in my marriage.  🔊

Rather than admit their real weight, many women have the propensity to fib about their actual sizes.  🔊

Successful business leaders are courageous and show a propensity for taking risks.  🔊

While Janet has the propensity to be bossy, she is still a great coworker who gets along with everyone.  🔊

My father’s propensity for eating unhealthy foods led him to become obese.  🔊

Because Peter is a professional food critic, he has the propensity to be very critical of his wife's cooking.  🔊

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