Jubilant in a Sentence

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Jubilant - Definition

filled with joy

Use Jubilant in a sentence

  1. I am jubilant to learn that my sister is finally having a baby.

  2. Crissy could not control her jubilant emotions after winning the lottery.

  3. Laughing always puts me in a jubilant mood.

  4. Happy and jubilant as ever, the little boy read off his Christmas wish list to Santa Clause.

  5. Watching the ball drop on New Year's is always a jubilant moment.

  6. You look oddly jubilant for someone who has lost a $100 bet.

  7. Lost for hours, the girl finally made found her way back home, leaving the community cheerful and jubilant.

  8. All I could do was my jubilant dance after finding out that I don't have cancer!

  9. A horror film is suddenly not so scary when you switch in jubilant music.

  10. Graduating college is one of the most jubilant times of my life.

Jubilant synonyms | joyous, glad, excited, elated, exuberant

Jubilant antonyms | sad, unhappy, sorrowful, depressed

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