Abhor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Abhor

to reject something very strongly; hate

Examples of Abhor in a sentence

I know it's silly, but I absolutely abhor washing the dishes.  🔊

I abhor the idea of bugs crawling on my skin!  🔊

While some people love speaking to an audience, most people abhor the thought of public speaking.  🔊

Because my father was an abusive alcoholic, I abhor all forms of liquor.  🔊

If you abhor mathematics so much, why not switch majors?  🔊

Work at a job that you love, not one that you abhor.  🔊

I abhor the way some people have a picnic and leave their trash after leaving.  🔊

Michelle would abhor being the bearer of most jokes.  🔊

As an animal-rights activist, I abhor people who abuse and neglect their pets.  🔊

Taking out the trash is a chore many kids abhor.  🔊

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