Abhor in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Abhor

to reject something very strongly; hate

Examples of Abhor in a sentence

1. I abhor liars. 🔉

2. We abhor violence against others and respect everyone, regardless of a person's race, color and creed. 🔉

3. Work at a job that you love, not one that you abhor. 🔉

4. She would abhor the thought of writing a 40-page research paper. 🔉

5. If you abhor mathematics so much, why not switch majors? 🔉

6. Sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours is something I abhor with a passion. 🔉

7. Remember to sign the petition against tax increases if you abhor getting more money docked from your paycheck! 🔉

8. Michelle would abhor being the bearer of most jokes. 🔉

9. You abhor the dentist, but you love the doctor? 🔉

10. Taking out the trash is a chore many kids abhor. 🔉

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