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Definition of Wry

Mocking or sarcastic in nature; dry humor

Examples of Wry in a sentence

Bill's wry sense of humor made it difficult to be taken seriously at the office.

When I asked Lauren "What's up?" she gave me this wry response - "The sky!"

Every time we discuss politics, you always have to throw in wry remarks, making it impossible to have a serious debate with you.

Wipe that wry grin off your face when I give you an order!

With a twisted perception of love, all she could do was give wry responses to love questions.

Asking a grown adult to recite the English alphabet is wry of you.

When I was driving, I saw a wry bumper sticker that read, "4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions."

The wry man said he stops looking for work when he finds a job.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you throw it at him," said the wry Grandmother, known for her witty sayings.

What a wry guy - he cracks dirty jokes in a business meeting!

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