Machination in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Machination

a scheme that is usually created for bad reasons

Examples of Machination in a sentence

1. After being caught running a machination against his political rival, the ruthless candidate lost the election. 🔉

2. The con artist’s victims quickly fell for his easy money machination. 🔉

3. Fortunately law enforcement stepped in before the crazed man could put his machination into action.  🔉

4. Reading about the criminals’ machination to rob the casino was enthralling. 🔉

5. Because Gary wanted the promotion, he set a machination in motion to make his competition appear incompetent. 🔉

6. Many spy movies revolve around a bad guy’s machination to take over the world. 🔉

7. In order to rob the heavily guarded mansion, the burglars knew they needed to devise a clever machination. 🔉

8. No one realized the terrorist’s machination would cause thousands of deaths. 🔉

9. Since Will had not studied for the test, he devised a machination by which he could get a copy of the exam before class. 🔉

10. Holding the president’s daughter for ransom was the group leader’s machination. 🔉

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