Abut in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Abut

to touch or lean on

Examples of Abut in a sentence

The chair abuts the wall because it is missing a leg and cannot stand up otherwise, though sitting in it is still risky. 🔊

The car now abuts the wall of the tunnel, having flipped and rolled after its horrendous crash with an oncoming SUV. 🔊

If your legs are tired, feel free to abut any nearby wall to gain some support for your legs and your back. 🔊

While the mighty oak tree in our backyard once stood tall, a bolt of lightning knocked it over, and it now abuts the roof of our home. 🔊

With nowhere else to put my baseball bat after coming back inside, I allowed it to abut the corner of the wall until I could take it to my room. 🔊

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