Abusive in a Sentence  šŸ”Š

Definition of Abusive

describing continuous violence or cruelty towards something or someone

Examples of Abusive in a sentence

It is sad to think that many animals suffer at the hands of an abusive owner every day, being physically beaten or deprived of nutrition on a regular basis.  šŸ”Š

If your partner is constantly threatening you and trying to control your life, you should find a way to escape from that abusive relationship as soon as possible.  šŸ”Š

Children with an abusive parent have a higher chance of growing up to be as equally violent and cruel to their own children.  šŸ”Š

Iā€™d always known that Mr. Callo was an abusive man, but I never would have thought that he would take part in dog fighting.  šŸ”Š

Someone who uses violence and cruelty to get their way with other people is abusive and should be avoided at all costs.  šŸ”Š

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