Achromatic in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Achromatic

for something to be colorless usually with black, white and grays

Examples of Achromatic in a sentence

Since the house was newly built, it looked like nobody lived in it due to it achromatic walls and stark rooms. 🔊

While touring the achromatic art exhibit, it became a little boring when none of the paintings contained color. 🔊

Since Carol was told she would have to stray away from painting the walls bright blues and reds, she chose a color from the achromatic color scheme. 🔊

Known for his achromatic photography, the bride was worried about hiring Fred since her photos would not encompass the beauty of the colorful bridesmaids’ dresses.  🔊

“I like gray, white and black for the colors of a house,” said Peter, “but I wish we could stay away from this achromatic design.”  🔊

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