Polychromatic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Polychromatic

having many colors

Examples of Polychromatic in a sentence

Using my array of chalks, I created a polychromatic artwork on the sidewalk for everyone to enjoy. 🔊

Wanting a more visually appealing look, my mother decided she preferred the polychromatic plates with the rainbows. 🔊

After the artist finished her polychromatic drawing, she knew she would have to sharpen every single one of her colored pencils. 🔊

It was enjoyable for the children to have polychromatic walls in their rooms, but it needed to be painted with a neutral paint before putting the house on the market. 🔊

Many hippies liked the polychromatic look of tie-dyed t-shirts because that brought more attention to them. 🔊

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