Addictive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Addictive

something that is easy to be addicted to; easy to develop a reliance on

Examples of Addictive in a sentence

This game is extremely addictive, having roped me into playing it for over six hours even though I only planned to play for one. 🔊

An addictive substance will make the human body crave more of it, driving the person to consume more and continue a vicious cycle. 🔊

Alcohol is addictive to some people because they enjoy the sense of carefree bliss that comes with drinking oneself into oblivion. 🔊

Many people find the thrill of the lottery addictive, so they continue to play it even though their chances of winning are so slim. 🔊

I cannot help but wonder why smokers find cigarettes so addictive, ruining their lungs and emptying their pockets every time they buy another pack. 🔊

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