Fortnight in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Fortnight

a period of 14 days

Examples of Fortnight in a sentence

1. They wanted to have a month to prepare, but their time was cut in half, leaving them only a fortnight. 🔉

2. A fortnight, or fourteen days, may not seem like very long, but it gives you time to prepare. 🔉

3. If you travel 10 miles a day, you can make the 140 mile journey in a fortnight. 🔉

4. Wanting to double their honeymoon vacation, they took an entire fortnight away on their own. 🔉

5. A standard cruise might only last a week, but many offer options that last a fortnight or even longer. 🔉

6. Rather than just stay one week, some hotels offer a discount if you remain for a fortnight. 🔉

7. With only a fortnight to prepare, they rushed to bring in all of the necessary ingredients. 🔉

8. The raiding party planned to attack in a fortnight, but after the first week of waiting their plans were undermined. 🔉

9. Though not common today, people in old England often referred to a two-week period as a fortnight. 🔉

10. The barkeep knew that a fortnight would not be enough time to gather the money, so he called upon a thief to help. 🔉

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