Amok in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Amok

a desire or passion to attack or murder

Examples of Amok in a sentence

Terrorists fighting amok in the Middle East was disturbing enough until they would cause the death of people near the city where I lived.  🔊

When the young soldiers are given rifles, they always tend to battle amok by shooting anything they see move.  🔊

With the protestors running amok in front of the company, police were brought in because they knew these people would not stop their harsh aggression.  🔊

After the drought and lack of food in the forest, the animals went amok for the dead carcass on the ground by clawing or pouncing on any animal that came near.  🔊

The mentally ill patients went amok hitting anything in their way when they were denied their medication.  🔊

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