Moat in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Moat

a thin stream of water that completely surrounds right outside a large house or fortress

Examples of Moat in a sentence

Since the dragon could not swim, he dared not cross the moat to any window or door of the castle.  🔊

As the drawbridge was lowered over the moat, the soldiers and officers could safely and dryly enter the garrison from only this location.  🔊

To exit the tower from the evil witch, the four children realized that they needed to swim across the moat at any point from the castle or remain at the tower.  🔊

Hearing the rushing water and the hungry alligators in the moat around the castle, the stranger realized that this place was impossible to escape.  🔊

In the video game, the player must find a way to cross the moat at some point around the castle in order to get into the structure to save the princess.  🔊

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