Anomalous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Anomalous

unordinary, unusual, or distinctly different from the norm

Examples of Anomalous in a sentence

The scientists at the weather station were extremely worried about the anomalous readings they were getting from their instruments, as they were far beyond the norm. 🔊

My sister was pretending to act normal after breaking up with her boyfriend, but her anomalous activities that strayed from the routine proved she was just faking it. 🔊

Being struck by lightning is actually a rather anomalous event, since the chances of being struck by lightning are so astronomically low. 🔊

On Opposite Day, everyone behaves in an anomalous fashion, usually the exact opposite of how they would normally behave.  🔊

There was an anomalous storm hanging over the city that no one could explain, as it had seemingly appeared out of nowhere on a sunny day.  🔊

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