Appoint in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Appoint

to assign a responsibility, job, or role to someone

Examples of Appoint in a sentence

After the scandal broke, the CIA was quick to appoint a new director with no ties to the former director who was now heading to jail. 🔊

The members of the city council have thirty days to appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy, should Mr. Smith choose to resign from his position of city Mayor. 🔊

The President refused to appoint judges to the bench that do not adhere strictly to the Constitution. 🔊

Mary will appoint her son as her enduring guardian so that he can make personal lifestyle choices for her should she become incapable of doing so herself.  🔊

The alumni are in agreement that the college ought to appoint a new president to take over the reins of their beloved alma mater.  🔊

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