Assent in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Assent

to agree to something especially after thoughtful consideration

Examples of Assent in a sentence

For a while, it seemed as if Karen was not going to assent to Jim’s marriage proposal. 🔊

The policeman asked if I would assent to a search of my vehicle.  🔊

When I told Frank I would never assent to a divorce, he stormed out of the house. 🔊

After Jim read over his teacher’s notes, he could only assent he had not spent enough time on his research paper.  🔊

Everyone wanted to know if the defendant was going to assent to the deal the prosecutor had offered him.  🔊

Since this contract is written in your favor, I see no reason to assent to the terms!  🔊

Please raise your hands to show you assent to the proposal.  🔊

Because John did not believe the salesman was being honest with him, he did not assent to the deal.  🔊

As my marriage is quite important to me, I have decided to assent to couples' therapy.  🔊

If Mark agrees to the settlement, he will assent by signing his name on the legal document.  🔊

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