Coordination in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Coordination

a procedure or system of arranging people or things so that they function successfully

Examples of Coordination in a sentence

Due to my coordination of the project at work with my department, my boss gave me a raise since the project was done in a timely and efficient manner.  🔊

In order to get a message to the brain, the coordination between the senses and the brain can be accomplished if the message is sent straight to the brain to interpret.  🔊

After the car accident, a coordination of the patient’s care had to be established involving his care at the hospital, rehabilitation center and at home so he would recover.  🔊

When the boss was in charge of the coordination of the meeting, he began by sending out invitations to the meeting, creating an itinerary and preparing the materials so everything would get done.  🔊

Many of the family members didn’t realize the coordination of a vacation took many steps including making phone calls and purchasing necessary items so that the vacation was run smoothly.  🔊

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