Awry in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Awry

away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course

Examples of Awry in a sentence

After we hit the deer, our road trip seemed to go awry and off course.  🔊

The inexperienced teacher did not know how to proceed when the troublesome student made her schedule go awry.  🔊

When the serial killer was released from prison, everyone knew the justice system had gone awry.  🔊

Mail delivery often goes awry during a winter storm.  🔊

If your initial plans go awry, you must simply go ahead with new plans.  🔊

No one realized the roller coaster had gone awry until it stopped moving on the tracks.  🔊

When there is no supervision, large events can go awry and become chaotic.  🔊

You should have a backup plan for your wedding in case the weather causes the outdoor ceremony to go awry.  🔊

In the movie, the hero must try and change the path of a nuclear missile that has gone awry.  🔊

When the evacuation plans went awry, some people were trapped in the burning building.  🔊

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